Friday, July 10, 2009

Sailing the Grenadines!

Part three of our adventure takes us aboard a 51 ft Privilege Catamaran named Camille. This was our first time sailing with Tradewinds, and we were REALLY looking forward to it. Our sailing experience is not recent, our last bareboat charter in 2005 visiting the B.V.I. We did not feel confident enough to attempt a sailing trip on our own, very rusty skills, so the Tradewinds option worked out great for us! We can do as much sailing as we like, and do not have the responsibility of cooking, provisioning, and the boat tasks. This truly was vacation! We met Paul and Jan (our captain and first mate), and they led us to Camille. She was great – looked beautiful and welcoming complete with a welcome sign with each of our names and pitchers of cocktails and appetizers. We all enjoyed the early evening waiting for the last two boat mates to arrive – Jackie O. and Neal. Once they arrived, we unpacked, stowed suitcases in the locked Tradewinds storage area and left the dock to anchor near Princess Margaret Beach for the night. Each meal was amazing and hard to believe that Jan could produce that kind of food in such a small area. Not only was it delicious, but the presentation was fabulous as well! Kudos to Jan.

Sunday: 6/21/09
After a nice breakfast, we were off for Mustique (island of the rich and famous). We left Bequia and got the closest view of Moonhole I have ever had! What a unique place… one of these days I do want to see it up close.

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