Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sailing the Grenadines! A deserted island....

Thursday, 6/25/09

The plan for Thursday at 6am was to get up early and swim with the turtles as they were feeding. However, the weather was not really cooperating for that plan so we slept in and waited out the wind/rain. After breakfast, we did venture over to snorkel the area as I said earlier.

After our snorkel, we moved the boat over to another Cay (yes, another deserted island) where we could go ashore and climb up a hill for a great view of those turquoise waters. Larry actually walked around the entire island. Beautiful!

We stayed here until after lunchtime at which point we set sail for Union Island – Chatham Bay.

Chatham Bay is a beautiful, quiet bay that we have been to before. The weather made it “interesting” – huge winds flipping our dinghy (and other dinghy’s in the area as well). We were all drenched by the time we were all squared away (anchored). I’m not sure there were any dry towels left! Once we were all dried off, we moved our usual game activities in to the saloon – cribbage night.

After an hour or two, the rain cleared and everything dried. The next day the sunshine was beautiful… storms pass quickly in the Caribbean!

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