Monday, July 13, 2009

Sailing the Grenadines! Happy Anniversary to us...

Wednesday, 6/24
Our Anniversary!

Well, our day began after breakfast by wandering around town a little more exploring the shops and such that had not been open the previous evening. Jan had to pick up some supplies for the boat, etc. Well, tricky girl – she really went out to pick flowers and buy an anniversary card. She came back, handed Larry the flowers to give to me. Very sweet!

We set sail for Petit St. Vincent – an island we had never visited before (always a special treat).

We anchored and were dropped off for some beach/floating time, remember it is our favorite pastime! They sent us with the cooler bag and provisions. We were there a couple of hours, and Paul came to pick us up. Time to go back to the boat for lunch. What a beautiful island. There is a resort on island, and they were fairly careful about not letting us beach people wander too far into the resort.

Next stop – Tobago Cays! Tobago Cays is a marine park – very protected. We used to go here with Windjammer Barefoot Cruises (for a day stop), but once this area became a marine park, that was not allowed. Now this is the first time I've been since it has been deemed a marine park, and boy, can I see the change! Sea turtles – and LOTS of them. Wow. The afternoon we arrived we were going through a bit of a squall in the area, so we really did not explore until Thursday.

Dinner was fabulous and Paul had baked a cake for our anniversary! Jan had everyone aboard sign the card, and they sang a rendition of Happy Anniversary. Jackie and Neal even got us a Tobago Cay mug on Union. Very sweet – what a great way to spend an anniversary! (Let’s do it again next year…)

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