Monday, July 13, 2009

Sailing the Grenadines! The fun keeps on coming...

Tuesday: 6/23

This morning after breakfast four of our group went diving in Mayreau Gardens. They all expressed their gratitude for being able to dive that particular site and stated it was absolutely fantastic diving. Notice the squid in the picture to the left? Pretty cool huh?

Kathi and I spent the morning reading on the trampoline under a shade tarp. Who could ask for more. Once we got a little warm, we decided it was time to float (a favored pastime by all). The boat has noodles aboard and we figured out if you use two noodles, you can fashion a chair of sorts – most comfie! This may be stretching it, but I looked at it as a CORE Workout... balance and focus were key to successful chair floating.

The other pastime of the day was to watch the excitement of one of the Switch charter boats. It came in later in the day on Monday and they decided to beach the catamaran, tying it to a tree. Huh, we thought. None of the other boats were doing that we noticed. Well, the tide (yes there is tide) went out over night, and the catamaran was firmly beached. Some locals throughout the day would come, try to assist, but to no avail. By the time we left after lunch, the boat was still firmly beached. I’m sure they had to wait it out until late in the day when they re-floated.

After our lunch, and giving up on the beached cat excitement, we set sail for Union Island. Union Island’s main town is Clifton. We docked for the night and this was our night to go out to dinner. We talked about options, and decided on the West Indies Restaurant for dinner. The six of us spent time exploring Clifton: bars, restaurants, dive shop and internet cafĂ©. During this time of wandering, this is when Jan and Paul work hard to spiffy up the boat (fresh towels, fresh sheets, more water, and a good scrub for Camille). Boy, do they work hard to make everything perfect!

They also had arranged for Sivoney, a friend & musician, to come aboard during our happy hour to entertain us. Sivoney is a master trivia expert, and will absolutely stump you with his questions. He would sing, but prior to starting a song he would deliver a most difficult, multi-faceted trivia question. I don’t think we got any one of them completely correct! He was great, and we did purchase a CD from him. Very interesting and entertaining fellow.

After Sivoney left, we all wandered down to the West Indies Restaurant for a fabulous dinner. Very good food and great service as well. WEST INDIES RESTAURANT

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