Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sailing the Grenadines! More fun to come...

Monday: 6/22/09
Another wonderful breakfast and we were off – sailing to Mayreau. Paul and Jan dropped us off in Saline Bay. We donned our shoes, took a cooler bag with provisions and headed ashore. Our task – to climb the hill over the island and end up in Salt Whistle Bay.

At the top of the hill is the Catholic Church. If you go behind the church, you will find the most magnificent view! Don’t miss it… Keep following the road (the only road, so you can’t get lost) and you will end up at a beautiful beach where the Salt Whistle Resort is located.

During our jaunt over the hill, we ended up on a goat/sheep rescue mission. Many appeared to be tangled, so we helped untangle the goats, or were they sheep? Tails up – goats. Tails down – sheep. Our last rescuee’ was very sad when we left and cried and cried for Neil, his rescuer.

Well, after our tiring goat rescue mission, we were treated to wonderful appetizers and cocktails aboard Camille – and of course another fabulous dinner. This night was probably our best sunset! Beautiful…

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