Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sailing the Grenadines! (continued)

Mustique was about a 2-3 hour sail. One of our crewmates was not feeling very well, a bit seasick, so put on Seabands and took Bonine that I had brought along (just in case). She seemed to feel better (about the time we arrived)! We sailed into Mustique, had another fabulous meal and took the dinghy to the dock. Our group of six decided to do the island tour. Wow is all that I can say. Compared to other islands, this island was pristine.

Being in education, I always pay attention to schools. The school on Mustique was beautiful. The facilities were up to date, and the children had a gorgeous playground. In all of my travels to the Caribbean, I have never seen a school that would even come close to that one! Since our visit, I have learned the the island is owned by the Mustique Corporation. The gorgeous school is not a public school, but a school built by the Corporation. It was donated, designed and built by the late Arne Hasselqvist, the acrhitectural mastermind behind 69 of Mustique's villas, the jetty, airport, boutiques, Basil's Bar and some offices. The school opened in 1987 and is financed in part by the homeowners' annual benefit, which provides local children with the best education possible. Some of the world's leading entertainers are numbered among visiting storytellers! Apparently the education is on the same par as the facility, and considered an "employee perk" for those living on the island working for the corporation.

During our tour we visited the Cotton House Hotel grounds – beautiful! (At a hefty price I might add.)

And of course drove by some magnificent homes. OK, who wants to live here?

We ended our tour at Basil’s Bar with a drink and sunset before heading back to Camille for another wonderful dinner. What a great day!

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